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Elevated Adjustable Dog Bowl Stainless Steel Large Food Water Bowls Feeders with Stand Feeding Double Bowls Lift Tabel for Pet

About this item
Want To Improve Dog Health Status? Dog Feeder has 3 odd heights that encourage effective digestion and reduce instances of gastrointestinal problems such as bloat.
Want Dog's Senior Year Be Easy? Dog Food Bowls With Stand can reduce the strain on dogs' neck, back and joints. This pet feeder station will also encourage dogs to drink more water!
Just Got A Puppy? Adjustable elevated dog bowls can sure grow with your dog from puppy to senior years. This puppy food and water bowls can save you from buying multiple dog food holder.
HEALTHY DINING EXPERIENCE: Elevated dog food dish provides a healthy feeding position that aids digestion.
REDUCE JOINT STRESS: Using a raised dog feeder helps to reduce stress on joints and bones – this makes our elevated dog bowls perfect for more mature dogs.

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