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Flowy Cat Fountain

Give Your Cat That Constant Stream Of Water They Always Want

Does your cat hate drinking out of a normal water bowl? Keeping your kitty happy and hydrated all day long with our swan waterfall cat bowl! Cats naturally prefer to drink flowing water over a traditional water bowl, take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and try our Flowy Cat Fountain today!

  • Silent work, quality life, 12V silent water pump, sharing quiet quality.
  • Fountain-style, Loop filtering.
  • Even if the power is turned off, the pet can drink water and it is easy to clean.
  • Energy saving, live water circulation, easy to use.
  • Remove odor, residual chlorine, filter hair, impurities, metal ions, and soften water.

  • Material: plastic, food grade PP plastic
  • Color: white4.Capacity: 2.34L
  • Size: about length 33 width 22 height 27CM/12.99*8.66*10.63in
  • Suitable animals: small dogs, large, medium and small cats

Packing List:
1 * Water dispenser
1 * Box of 3 filter elements
1 * Instruction manual
1 * Water pump
1 * USB Plug

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