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PurrHydration™ Water Fountain


Encourage your cat to drink more water! 

Cats often get dehydrated simply because they don't like their filthy, still water. Cats love drinking from running water. 

The Flow Fountain is a MUST have for every caring cat owner.

  • Flowing water encourages your cat to drink more, preventing urinary tract infections and improving overall health
  • Large 2.5L capacity ensures your cat is never out of water when you're away
  • LED light and water level window, indicate when the water is low
  • Operates silently, with the relaxing sound of flowing water!

Each Flow Fountain also comes with a replaceable three-layer filter. Built of premium cotton, carbon, and ion exchange resin, this fountain keeps your water clean of any debris, bacteria or waste! 

You can choose between 3 different watering modes to make your pet comfortable and satisfied! 
Some benefits of your cat drinking more water:
  • reduced risk of urinary tract infection
  • increased energy levels and brain function
  • Improved mood and overall health

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